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Vestibular Neuronitis: vertigo After Influenza  感冒痊癒後眩晕    

Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   朱興國编译。按此看中文


Vestibular neuronitis:  This is a type of vertigo usually happens after influenza infections because the vestibular neurons have been attacked by the virus. The vertigo can happen within one or two days with symptoms gradually becoming more serious, continuing for a week or so and then gradually subsiding. In older patients it may linger for a few months or over a year and still may not recover without treatment. This type of vertigo does not appear very frequently.


cang zhu , bai zhu, fu ling  , bai shao, fang ji, fa ban xia  , shen qu, 10 g each,

fang feng, hou pu , chen pi 6 g each,

 sha ren   3 g (put in during the last stage of boiling)

Make into decoction. Use while warm.


Note: sha ren  contains evaporating oil. Overheating or over boiling may lose its effective ingredients and become ineffective.



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感冒痊癒後,但逐漸出現頭 暈目眩,視物旋轉,且日見加重,時作時止。眩暈發 作時,頭 項不能轉側,行走有輕飄飄感,需靜臥於床,稍活動即眩暈加甚,肢體困重,口粘膩,食慾不振,舌苔白厚膩,脈濡緩。
編者按﹕感冒後發生,因為病毒侵犯了平衡神經。 在一兩天內眩暈會慢慢加重﹐持續到一個星期左右,才會漸漸減緩。如果病人年紀稍大有時需要數個月或年 餘還不能自 己恢復。也可能鼻內感染傳染到內耳而引起眩暈。

方名﹕升 陽 除濕防風湯加味  李 東垣《 脾胃論,腸澼下血論》

處 方 :

蒼 朮白 朮 茯 苓   白 芍 防 己﹐法 半 夏神 麴﹐各10 克﹐

防風 厚 樸 陳皮﹐ 各 6 克﹐砂 仁 3 克(後 下)。



質料來源鲍 正飛


编者註:砂 仁 有效成份是它所含有的揮發油。不可久煎,以免揮 發掉而失效。

A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading  in         progress


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