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Urticaria of Babies 小兒濕疹

Edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu   (in English and Chinese 中英文)


Urticaria is a reaction of the body's immune system that causes some limited areas of the skin to swell, itch, and become reddened (wheals). When the reaction is involved of larger areas, such as whole sections of a limb, is  called angioedema.


External application:

Formula: jin yin hua 15 g, fu ping10g, gan cao 5 g, ye ju hua 5g, bo he10g

Add 1000 c.c. of water. Put in all herb except bo he and simmer till 500 c.c. is left.

Then add bo he and simmer another minutes. Turn off stove. Leave cover on till cool enough to apply with a cotton ball or cloth on to the affected area of the skin.


Herbal tea for taking orally:

Name of Formula: si wu tang

Composition: dang gui 5 g, shu di huang 5 g, bai shao 4 g, chuan xiong 2 g.

Boil with water and use as tea.

Adjustment to Formula:

If blood deficient with qi deficient:  add  dang shen, huang qi, gan cao, shan yao


外治法:金銀花 15 克,浮 萍10克 ,甘 草 5克 ,野菊花 5克 ,薄 荷10克 (後下)。

水1000 c.c. 除薄荷外,下各藥 ,煎至500 c.c. 然後加薄荷再煎一分鐘。

火 。

稍 微冷後,敷患處。



處 方 :  當 歸 5 克 ,  熟 地 5 克 ,  白 芍 4 克 , 川 芎 2 克 。

水 煎 服 。



 血虛兼有氣虛 : 黨參黃耆甘草山藥

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