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pixu 脾虚 (spleen deficient) (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu                    按此看中文

Pixu literally means spleen deficient, a term being used in traditional Chinese medicine. The word "spleen " does not necessary refer to the organ, spleen. It is a term describing a group of physiological functions.

Clinical symptoms may includes:

  • lack of appetite

  • flatulence in the afternoon or after meals

  • wilted complexion

  • loose stool

  • time between meals and defecation is shorter

  • weak and atrophic muscles (absorption of small intestine is inefficient)

  • weak memory

Laboratory test results may includes:

  • low in saliva amylase

  • low in pepsin

  • low in serum amylase

  • elevated serum amylase in patients of pixu with dampness can have over abundance of phlegm

  • low in baseline hydrochloric acid

  • low in peak hydrochloric acid

  • low in function of pancreas in secretion of amylase

  • low in lipase

  • low cAMP

  • under active sympathetic nervous system

  • over active parasympathetic nervous system

  • low levels of E-ROSETTE

  • low result of PHA skin test

  • high levels of IgG

  • low levels of IgA

  • overly high AchE

See kai xin san

See si jun zi tang.


Piyangxu 脾陽虛

When pixu 脾虛 condition co-exist with yangxu  陽 虛 condition it is called piyangxu.

When pixu condition co-exist with qixu condition, it is called piqixu.

See: Enzyme Histochemical Changes of Absorptive Cell in Small Intestine Mucosa in Experimental Spleen Deficiency Syndrome in Rats



Acetylcholinesterase:  any of the various enzymes in the blood and in certain tissues that catalyze the hydrolysis ( breaking down) of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine (ACh). Over breaking down of ACh can cause depression and dementia.


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食慾不振,消 化不良,午後或飯後腹部脹 滿胃腸排空速 度加快臉色枯槁大 便溏泄,肌肉瘦弱無 力 (小 腸吸收功能下降),記 憶力衰退。

脾陽虛脾 虚兼有陽虚症状是為脾陽虚。





脾虚有濕而血清澱 粉酶升高患者可能痰多





環單磷酸腺苷(cAMP) 低下




PHA 皮膚测驗低下

免疫球蛋白E (IgE) 過多

乙酰胆碱酯酶 (AchE)過 高。  按此看開 心散千 層塔


乙醯膽鹼酵素 : 是一種促進水化(消滅)乙 醯膽鹼之酵素。乙醯膽鹼是一種神經神經遞質。如果 神經神經遞質被消滅太 多會導致臟躁, 憂鬱,  健 忘或痴獃等症。



  1. 牙齒鬆動,脫落。

  2. 味覺減退。

  3. 胃腸道平滑肌萎縮,彈性減低,蠕動變慢。

  4. 消化腺萎縮,消化酶分 泌減少。

續發性原因,別 的病症所 引起的如:

  1. 囊狀纖維化病症引起的續發性消化酶分 泌減少

  2. 急性胰臟炎致使消化酶攻擊胰島腺的組織導致胰島酶不足。

  3. 年輕時過於勞累,或飲食上未注意調理,或飲酒過度引起 胰 臟炎, 日久損傷 了脾胃。


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