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Herb Formulae for Herpes Simplex II II 型庖疹病毒

Translated  and compiled by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu           按此看中文

During Acute Infection

I. Formula for external use during acute infection:

huang lian 10 g, ban lan gen 30 g, jin yin hua 20 g. bo he 10 g (to be added last).

Boil all the ingredients except for bo he in water for 20 to 30 minutes. During the last minute, add bo he . Cool to lukewarm, wash or soak affected area.


II. Formula for internal use during acute infection:


huang bai pi 50 g, ban lan gen 50 g, da qing ye 30 g, ma chi xian  60 g,

yi yi ren  60 g, tu fu ling 60 g, chan yi 8 g, sheng gan cao 12 g.

Boil with water. Make into 3 servings. One prescription a day. Take the herbs for 7 to 10 days. Usually the symptoms tend to disappear within a week.

After the acute infection period, use the above formula and take out huang bai and add huang qi 60 g. Boil with water. Make into 3 servings. Take one prescription every other day. Take 15 prescriptions to prevent recurring of the infection.  

Avoid sexual intercourse during the infection. Avoid spicy food. If sex partner is also infected, the partner has to be treated to avoid infecting each other.

Source : 2001年10月4日 健康報;  Jian Kang Bao Oct 4, 2001.


Another group of formulae:

Warning: The following formula can be toxic to the kidneys if you use the wrong  mu tong 木 通 .

 There are different varieties of mu tong in the market. Before the Qing dynasty, however, this formula was not toxic because mu tong was derived from either the plant of Akebia guinata or the plant Akebia lobata.  Today, ninety five percent of mu tong  (guan mu tong 關木通) used in China is from the stem of Aristolochia debilis, a toxic plant usually grown in the northeastern provinces of China, formally called Manchuria. Only rarely in a few localities in China, is mu tong obtained from Akebia guinata or Akebia lobata being used. Today, all formulae that contain guan mu tong are being banned in China because of the toxicity to the kidneys. In U.S. herb labeled as Akebia contained aristolochic acid when tested which shows that the herb were mislabeled. .


Manufactured formulae that contain guan mu tong are being banned in China because of the toxicity to the kidneys.


Internal herb formulae based on:

1. first time infection

2. relapse, heat syndrome in liver




1. first time infection

long dan cao 10 g, huang qin  10 g, chai hu 10 g, shan zhi zi 10 g,

sheng di huang 10 g, che qian zi    10 g, mu tong 10 g, ma chi xian 30 g,

sheng yi yi ren 30 g, ban lan gen 30 g.

Boil with water. Use as tea.

2. relapse, heat syndrome in liver

For relapse, treatment should aim at correcting qixu (qi deficient)

and getting rid of damp heat.


sheng huang qi 30 g, sheng yi yi ren 30 g, bai zhu 10 g, dang gui 10 g,

bai zhi 10 g, hong hua 10 g, zao ci (stir fried), 10 g, zhu ling 30 g,

tu fu ling 15 g, ban lan gen 30 g, cao he che 15 g.

Boil with water and take as tea.

Selections for external applications:

Any of the following can be used:

  1. Lei Shi liu shen wan mixed with water and vinegar for external application.

  2. Gui jiu preparation

  3. Xiong Huang Jie Du San﹕ mixed with water for external application.

  4. Qing Dai San﹕ mixed with water for external application.


庖疹病毒 II 型 (生殖器庖疹)

(一) 外 洗 藥 方, 用于 急 性 炎 症 期  ﹕

黃 連 10 克 , 板 藍 根 30 克 , 金 銀 花 20克 , 薄荷 10克 (後 下 )      

煎 水 。 洗 或 泡 浸 患 處 。

(二) 內 服 藥 方 , 用于 急 性 炎 症 期  ﹕

黃柏  50克 ,  板藍根 50克 , 大青葉 30克 , 馬齒莧  60克 ,

薏苡仁 60克 , 土茯 苓 60 克 , 蟬衣 8克 , 生甘草 12克 。

水 煎 。 分 三 次 服 。

每 日 一 劑 。 連 服 7 至 10 天 後 , 急 性 炎 症 可 得 全 面 控 制 。


急 性 炎 症 期 過 後 ﹕

可 用 以 上 內 服 藥 方 減 去 黃 柏 皮 ,

黃 耆 60克 , 煎水服 。

每 日 3次 。 每 兩 天 服 一 劑 。 連 服 15 劑 以 控 復 發 。
發 病 期 禁 止 性 交 , 不 吃 辛 辣 , 辛 燥 食 物 。

若 性 伴 侶 也 受 感 染 , 亦 須 受 治 療 , 以 免 互 相 傳 染 。

(1) 感染病毒肝熱

(2) 氣虚病毒復發


(1) 感染病毒肝熱



龍膽草10g﹐ 黃芩 10g﹐ 柴胡10g﹐ 山梔子10g﹐ 生地10g﹐

車前子10g﹐ 木通10g﹐ 馬齒莧30g﹐ 薏苡仁30g﹐ 板藍根30g。

注意﹕ 木通有幾種。現在市場上賣的 95% 是關木通﹔屬于馬兜鈴科﹐對腎臟有毒。凡含有關木通的成藥將被禁賣。

(2) 氣虛病毒復發型:



黄 耆 30g﹐ 薏苡仁 30g﹐白术 10g﹐ 當歸 10g﹐ 白芷 10g﹐紅花   10g﹐

炒皂刺 10g﹐ 豬苓  30g﹐ 土伏苓 15g﹐ 板藍根 30g﹐ 草河車 15g。

    2.外用药 可用:

六神丸,或鬼臼, 或雄黄解毒散或青黛散水调外敷。




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