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Flat warts (verrucae planae)  扁平疣

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu        按此看中文            (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Warts are caused by virus and can be contagious. They have a certain life span. Even when untreated, they may disappear after a few years.  They are found on face and arms. Usually treatment is not necessary unless they are in locations that are deemed unsightly or unless they are painful (like ordinary warts on the bottom of the feet).

One option for treatment includes applying over-the-counter medications, usually various mixtures of salicylic acid and lactic acid. These medications typically are topically applied daily for several weeks. When the skin is sensitive or the salicyclic acid is in high concentration, salicylic acid usually causes skin irritation or burns. The result of treatment with over-the-counter medications is not usually satisfactory because burning the outer layer of the skin does not usually get rid of flat warts. Other options for treatment focus on removal of the wart by various methods, including surgery, freezing (cryotherapy),  burning (electrocautery) or laser treatments.immunotherapy is yet another approach. Various topical drugs can be applied to the warts, to cause a localized allergic reaction, thus getting rid of them. Sometimes these methods may work, but other times they do not. Yet another treatment which is often effective is the Chinese Herb Therapy described below.

Chinese Herb Therapy

Method I.

Prescription: Make 20 ~30% of alcohol extract of bu gu zhi tincture. Apply externally daily for a few weeks or until they disappear.

Internal Formula:

Name of Formula: Flat Wart Tea

Composition: ku shen15gba qia 20gtu fu ling 30gdi fu zi 12g.

Grind into coarse powder and put into a thermos bottle. Pour in boiling water. Let stand for 20 minutes and use as tea. One package per day.

Usually it takes about 20 days.

Contra-indication: not to use in case of pixu (spleen deficient).


Method II.

Another therapy method:

Warts of palms of the feet: use shan dou gen,  ban lan gen 60 g each. Add water 3000 c.c. Bring to boil for 10 minutes. Cool to bath water temperature. Soak feet for 30 minutes, once a day. For larger once use moxibustion for 10 minutes each time. Treated 54 patients. The smallest amount of warts on the feet is 8 and largest number is 27. Healed: 43. Ineffective: 11. After healing, use another 3 to 9 doses. 【3】


Method III.

Another method is to use gray, heavy-duty, fabric-backed duct tape on the wart. Apply a small piece of the duct tape over the wart. If the tape falls off, apply a new piece. Wear the tape for 6 days then remove and clean and file the wart with emery board. Re-apply the tape again. Continue the therapy for maximum of 2 months or till the wart disappear. The tape should be the heavy duty type which contains rubber because rubber can stimulate the immune system. This works better with children who have stronger immune system than older adults. [1]


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為皮膚病之一種。其成因是為病毒感染。常發生於顏面﹐手臂和前臂。其形狀為針頭或芝麻大扁皮丘疹,略高出皮面,為角質增生突起。 如果沒有醫治﹐過幾年後會自動消失。一般毋須治療﹐除非發生的部位被認為不雅或產生疼痛﹐如發生於腳底。



以補骨脂製成 20 ~30%酊劑,每日外塗治。用之數週 或至 扁平疣消失為止。

補骨脂15g,破碎成塊後放入75%酒精100ml浸 泡後密封1周後外用。

每日早﹐午﹐晚用棉花蘸藥液塗患處,7天為1療程。(《湖北中醫雜誌》:1987;(3):25). 4.




[1]﹐ [2] 台北﹐國立中國醫藥研究所。




   治扁平疣茶  《中醫良藥良方



苦 參15克,菝 葜20克土伏苓 30克,地膚子  12克。




治脚底疣 :用山豆根 各60克。加水3公升。煮沸30分鐘。待稍凉時泡脚半小時。每日一次。對較大的疣體,加艾灸,每次10分鐘。共治療54例。(脚底疣數最少5個。最多27個)。治 愈43例。無效11例。治愈病例用藥3∼9剤。【3】


【3】; 廣西中醫藥;1983;6(4) 15

A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading  in         progress


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