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Eczema of Children Herb Therapy 兒童疹   (in English and Chinese 中英文)


Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   


The Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Chinese University has developed an herb formula for treating children eczema, resulting  90% of patients who used the therapy became remarkably improved.


Currently the therapy methods are mainly based on steroid ointment or ointments without steroids and using anti histamine type of drug or cyclosporine. These drugs are always with strong side effects.

The Chinese herb capsules developed by the Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Chinese University contain jin yin hua, bo he, dan pi, cang zhu, and huang bai.  The research institute conducted more than 3 years of study on 9 children who suffered eczema and 8 of them obviously did improved on itchiness, sleep and the area eczema.

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Centella Asiatica (beng da wan) for eczema treatment.

Eczema with blood heat


香港中文大學中醫中藥研究所開發出一種治療兒童疹 的中成藥,可使90%
疹 又稱異位性皮膚炎。中醫認為,婴儿濕疹主要 是由胎毒引起的。目前,治療兒童濕疹主要是外用内固醇或不含内固醇的藥膏以及口服抗組織胺類藥物和環孢霉素等, 但均有較强的副作用。
金銀花薄 荷丹 皮蒼 朮  黃 柏  。 研究所對9名疹 患兒进行了3年以上的試用,結果其 中8人在瘙痒,睡眠和疹 面積方面均有明顯改善。





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