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Drooping breasts      乳房下墮

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu                    按此看中文

Premature droopy breasts

According to TCM diagnostics, from body function point of view, the premature drooping of breasts can be caused by:

  1. pixu (spleen deficient)

  2. qixu (qi deficient) and blood deficient

The therapy methods are listed  below:

Formula #1: For loose breasts with condition of pixu (spleen deficient):

Name of Formula: liu jun zi tang  (Yi Xue Zheng Zhuang)

Composition: ren shen, bai zhu, chen pi, ban xia 10 g each,

zhi gan cao  5 g,  fu ling 6 g.

Boil with water. Make into 2 to 3 servings.


Or use "qi wei bai zhu san " as listed below.


Formula #2: For loose breasts with condition of pixu (spleen deficient):

Name of Formula: qi wei bai zhu san

Composition: ren shen 6 g, fu ling 10 g,  bai zhu 10 g,  gan cao 12 g,   mu xiang 6 g, ge gen15 ghuo xiang10 g.

Boil with water and use as tea.


Formula #3: For loose breasts with conditions of qixu (qi deficient) and blood deficient:

Name of Formula: ren shen yang rong tang


Formula #4: liver meridian stagnation , depressed, constriction of blood vessels, bad capillary circulation of the extremities.

Name of Formula: xiao yao san  with adjustment of ingredients.

Besides using herbs to correct the functions of the body, regular exercises like bench presses can strengthen the chest muscles.


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(一) 乳房下墮兼脾虛者﹐用六君子湯

(A) 處方﹕六君子湯  (醫學正傳)

人參白 朮 陳皮半 夏10克﹐炙甘 草 5克﹐茯 苓 6克。 水煎服。每日兩三次。

(B) 或用七味白朮散

處方﹕七味白朮散  (小兒藥證直訣 )

人參 6 g茯 苓 10 g白 朮10 g甘 草 12 g木 香 6 g葛 根15 g藿 香10 g

(二) 乳房下墮兼氣虛與血虛者﹐用人參養榮湯


(三) 肝經鬱結,心情鬱悶,會導致血管處於痙攣狀態,末稍微循環供血與氧氣不足;用逍遙散加減。




A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading              in progress

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