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dang gui   當歸


Translated and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu 朱興國编譯


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Pharmaceutical name:


Radix Angelicae sinensis

Biological name:


  • Angelica polymorpha Maxim. var sinensis  Olive;

  • Angelica polymorpha Max.

  • Ligusticum acutilobum, S. et Z. (ma wei dang gui 馬尾當歸)

  • Ligusticum ibukiene, Yabe.(chan tou dang gui 饞 頭當歸 )

  • Ligusticum japonium, Max.(cao dang gui 草 當歸 )

Pron. in Japanese:

日 語發音:


Pron. in Korean:



Pron. in Cantonese:


 dong1 gwai1

Common Name:


Chinese angelica root   (commonly written as: tong kwai, dong quai)


分 佈:

Gansu, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hubei


Properties (characteristics):


sweet, acrid, bitter, warm

甘 ,辛,溫。

Channels (meridians) entered:


heart, liver, spleen channels


Actions & Indications:


Tonic for blood and for regulating the menses, lubricates bowels to correct constipation, reduces swelling, expels pus, relieves pain. Dang gui wei (tail) is being used in condition of blood stasis and clots.

血 虛 , 月經不調 , 痛經 ,經閉,崩漏,子宮出血 ; 風濕痛 ;  腸燥便秘 ; 痛腫疽毒 。當歸尾用於治跌打損傷。

Medical Function:



Medical Function:

  • 1. effects on uterus: experiments showed that it can have inhibiting and stimulating effects on uterus (outside the bodies ) of lab animals.

  • 2. effects on blood: lowers lipids, anti platelet coagulation, and promotes production of red cells.

  • 3. effects on circulatory system: tests showed that it can dilate the coronary arteries of guinea pigs and improve circulation volume. It can protect rat with arrhythmia.

  • 4. anti oxidation and rid of free radicals

  • 5. anti injuries of radiation

  • 6. improve immune system

  • 7. anti cancer:  Research showed using the five polysaccharides of ming xian dang gui inhibited the EC, Hep, S180, Lewis B16 inplanted tumors of rats up to 39%. It has little side effects and can be used for long period of time. (But there are also reports that mention frequent ingesting of ginseng and dang gui may promote the multiplying of breast cancer cells. Chinese site)

  • 8. anti inflammatory

  • 9. protects digestive system (including liver)

  • Used alone, dang qui does not produce estrogen-like responses in endometrial thickness or in vaginal maturation and was no more helpful than placebo in relieving menopausal symptoms.[a]

  • extract of huang qi and dang gui (3:1) showed it can suppress breast cancer cells

 藥 理:

  • 1:對子宮作用

  • 2:血液系統

  • 3:心血管系統


  • 4:抗氧化和清除自由基

  • 5:對抗輻射損傷作用

  •  6 ﹕對免疫系統的影響

  •  7 ﹕抗癌腫作用 ﹕對岷縣當歸的五種多 糖進行小鼠體內抗腫瘤藥物篩選。結果表明﹐上述多糖對小鼠移植性腫 瘤 EC, Hep, S180, Lewis B16等瘤株具有一定程度的仰制作用﹐ 可達39%﹐副作用少﹐並可長期用藥。 (但是澳 洲醫學界研究發現,常食人參及當歸會加速乳癌細胞分裂)

  •  8:抗炎陣痛及抗損傷作用

  •  9:對消化系統(與肝臟)保護作用

  • 單獨使用時,當歸不會產生雌激素樣之影響子宮內膜的厚度,或影響陰道老化作用。並不比安慰劑緩解更年期症狀更有效。[a]

  • 黃芪配當歸(3:1) 的提取物能抑制乳癌的細胞。[b]


用 量:

10 to 15 g per day in decoction.


Chemical ingredients:
















化 學成份:

Essential oil: b-pinene, camphene, P-cymene, b-phellandrene, myrcene, b-ocimene-X, allo-ocimene, 6-n-butyl-cycloheptadiene-1,4, 2-methyl-dodecane-5-one, acetophenone, b-bisabolene, isoacroraene, acoradiene, chamigrene, a-cedrene, n-butyl-tetrahydrophthalide, n-butyl-phthalide [1,2], n- butylidene-phthialide, ligustilide, d-2,4-dihydrohpthalic anhydride [6],dodecanol, bergapten[7]

Oil with Phenol Characteristics: P-methyl-benzolcohol, 5-methoxyl-2,3-dicresol [1], phenol, O-cresol, P-cresol, guaiacol, 2,3-dieresol, P-ehtyl phenol, O-eethyl phenol, 4-ethyl resorcinol, 2,4-dihydroacetophenone, carvacrol, isoeugenol, vanillin [2].

Oil with Acid Characteristics: phthalic anhydride, azelaic acid, sebacie acid, anisic acid, myristic acid, camphoric acid, dimethyl phthalate, dimethyl aelate, dimethyl sebacate, dimehtyl anisae, dimethyl myristate, dimethyl camphorate, n-valerophenone-o-carboxylic acid [6].

Organic Acid: ferulic acid, succinic acid, nicotinic acid, vanillic acid, n-tetracosanoic acid, palmitic acid [10].

Sugar: sucrose[11], fructose, glucose[9], arabigalactan,

Vitamin: 0.25~40 mg/100g of vitamin B12, 0.0675% of  vitamin A.

Animo Acid: 17 types of animo acid.[8,13]

Inorganic elements: 20 kinds of inorganic elements. Among them 16 kinds are needed by human body, like calcium, zinc, phosphorous, and selenium.

Akaline: uracil, adenine, choline.[8]

Other: stigmasterol, sitosterol, stigmaterol-D-glucoside, tetradecanol-1, scopletin [9],6-methoxyl-7-hydroxycoumarin, angelicide and brefelclin A[10] ,phytoestrogens.


Present Day Applications:






























Present Day Applications:

For treatment of :

1. stroke due to lack of blood circulation [1]. Methods:

(1) 30 patients using 25% dang gui injection solution, once per day, intra venous feeding, 200 ~ 300 ml per day, 15 or 30 days per therapy period.

10 patients using 80 ~ 160 ml per day, 10 ~ 20 days per therapy period. Total 40 patients.


Basically healed: 12.

Improved greatly: 13

Improved: 11

Ineffective: 4

(2) 50 patients using 25% dang gui injection solution 200 ml per day, intra venous feeding, once per day, 20 days per therapy period.


Obviously effective: 13

Got better: 9

Ineffective: 3

Circulation improved: 94% in total.[2]

2. sickle cell anemia [2]. (Methods to be loaded).

3. arrhythmia [4]. (Methods to be loaded).

4. phlebitis due to thrombosis [5]. (Methods to be loaded).

5. hardening of arteries of the brain [7]. (Methods to be loaded).

6. chronic thrombosis of the lung and high pressure of the lung arteries. [11]. (Methods to be loaded).

7. tip of breast bone syndromes [9]. (Methods to be loaded).

8. hypertension [11]. (Methods to be loaded).

9. headache:

Methods: using 20% dang gui solution for injection into shu xue (points) at the back of the bodies and in 30 minutes the plasma DBH became obviously lowered. [11] Total patients: 50. (27 patients were of vasomotor dysfunction, and 23 patients were of neuropathy.

10. liver diseases

11. acute kidney infection

12. bleeding of upper digestive tract

13. chronic constipation

14. fissure of anus

15. pain during menses

16. prolapse of uterus

17. inflammation of pelvic area

18. pain caused by abortion

19. enuresis

20. inflammation of penis

21. inflammation of surface vein

22. inflammation of shoulders

23. inflammation of soft ribs

24. pain in lower back and legs

25. pain after chest surgery

26. joints of jaw dysfunction

27. herpes shingles

28. rash and measles

29. psoriasis: Using 2% dang gui solution and 2% Procaine 4 ml each, once a day, for 30 days, for xue location injections. According to diagnostics, select he gu, qu chi, fei shu, gan shu, wei shu, zhang men, tian xu, zhu san li, san yin jiao etc. Result: total patients: 100. Healed: 84. Obvious improvement 9. Improved 7. Follow up investigation in 6 months to 4 years. Five patience had relapses.[37]

30. dang gui jin you wan is made from the dang gui essential oil of ligustilide (藁本內酯 ). For < 12 years old, taking 100 mg and for adults taking 150 mg, 3 times a day, for 7 days, total of 57 patients, produced good results:

Obviously effective: 74.5%

Total of effective result: 90.2%

It did not have obvious side effects. Those who were not effective in the treatment had swelling of the air sacs of the lungs and had cardio-pulmonary diseases. In general, the asthma syndromes subsided in 2 to 3 hours after taking the medicine. The wheezing sound started to subside within 8 to 24 hours. Its effect on asthma is slow and stable. It is obvious in comparing before and after treatment on circulation and airflow capacity. It is suitable for during breakout of mild to serious condition. [44]

31. (writing in progress)




35. Sudden deafness

36. bronchial asthma

37. inflammation of the stomach, ulcers of duodenum and stomach.

38. limb paralysis of toddlers

39. undesirable effects

(Methods of therapies to be loaded).

Samples of formulae:

處 方舉例:

ba zhen tang 八珍湯

dang gui jian zhong tang 當歸健中湯

dang gui long hui wan 當歸龍薈丸

gui pi tang 歸脾湯,

jiao ai tang膠艾湯,

Li Dong Yuan qing feng san 李東垣清風散,

tuo hua jian 脫花煎

sheng hua tang,    生化湯

shi quan da bu tang﹐十全大補湯,

si wu tang四物湯,

formulae for ideopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP)



Do not use in case of damp is high with fullness/flatulence and chronic diarrhea. See yeast infection.

Some women after menopause or some men do not tolerate long term usage or large dosages.

Over cooking may lessen the effectiveness because of the evaporating oil.

中滿,大便泄瀉者忌服 。帶 下,白 色念珠菌感染


[a] DOI:

[b] doi: 10.1155/2013/728258. Epub 2013 May 30.



Editor note:

dopamine b-hydroxylase: Higher serum levels of DBH enzyme have been reported in migraine patients during the migraine attacks. Significantly increased DBH enzyme activity has been observed in migraine patients during the headache-free interval which can lead to migraine attacks.


shu xue

xue means cave, indentation, or points (in this case). All points on the channels (meridians) are call xue. Those xue that can reflect the organs are usually called shu and most of the shu xue are located on the bladder channels.




sheng hua tang (source: Fu Shi Gynecology)


For unable to dispel clot blood after birth with pain in the lower abdomen.

ingredients: dang gui  chuan xiongtao ren, he jiang (dark baked ginger), zhi gan cao.


生化湯《傅氏女科》:當歸﹐川 芎桃仁黑 薑炙草。治產後惡露不行,少腹疼 痛。


偽品為歐當歸 Levisticum Officinale Koch ,東當歸 Ligusticum acutilobum Sieb. Et Zucc ,興安白芷 A. dahurica (Fisch. Ex Hoffm.) Benth. Et Hook. f. ,雲南野當歸


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