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Cataract   白內障  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu 朱興國譯               按此看中文



Name of  Formula: liu wei di huang wan

Syndrome: Back pain, weakness in legs and knees, hair loss, loose teeth (gum problems), deafness, tinnitus, irregular menstruation in women, flushing face, fever, preferring cool, fidgeting with anxiety, dry cracked lips, scarlet tongue, or with yellow fur , and even dry and cracking, or with black pricks.

shu di huang 18 g,   shan zhu yu 12 g,  dan pi 9 g, fu ling 12 g, ze xie 9 g,

shan yao 12 g

Rinse herb with water. Add 3 bowls (about 1200 cc) of water and simmer down to 90% of a bowl. Strain and use as tea while warm. Then add 2 1/2 bowls (about 1000 cc) of water to the herb and re-boil. Simmer down to 80% of a bowl. Strain and use as tea while warm. One package per day to be taken in two servings.

The above quantity of herb can be adjusted according to syndrome.



  1. Dry mouth and pain in the throat: add xuan shen 9 g, jie geng 9 g.

  2. Achy loin and back: add niu xi 12 g, du zhong 15 g, sang ji sheng 12 g

  3. Irritable and thirsty: add huang qi 9 g , ren shen 2 g.

  4. Frequent urination: take out ze xie, add yi zhi ren 12 g  fu pen zi 10 g.

  5. Cough and rapid breathingadd wu wei zi 9 gmai dong 10 g。

Formula 2

Name of Formula: tao ren si wu tang   《source: Yi Zong Jin Jian 》 with added ingredients.

Cataract with blood stasis


tao ren 10 g,  hong hua 10 g, chi shao 10 g, bai shao 10 g, dan shen 10 g, gou qi zi 10 g, ju hua 10 g, bai ji li10 g, chan yi1.5 g, ye ming sha 4g, qing xiang zi 6 g,  cao jue ming10 g, ci shi 2g, shen qu 12g, san shen 20g, chen pi 1g, dang gui 12g.

Add water to make into concoction. One prescription a day. Make into 3 servings.

Total patients: 200 person with 381 diseased eyes. Newly required cataracts: 127. Not yet ripened: 73. Problems in the cortex 240. Problems in the core: 141. Total effectiveness: 98.4%.

The weight of the herbs must be adjusted according to diagnostics..


Formula 3

jin gui shen qi wan (ba wei di huang wan)

Take 3 times a day. 9 g each time.

Formula 4

yi mu san (Eye beneficial powder)  (Jilin Chinese Herb Manual)

Application: blurry vision, cataract

Composition:sha yuan zi10 g, chong wei zi10 g, qing xiang zi 10 g
Make into powder.

Take 9 g each time, 2 times per day.


Acute cataract:   see lu jiao san

In Chinese:


白內 障


方 一

六味地黄丸加味 湯劑《 方源:小兒藥証直覺訣 》  



處方﹕ 熟地黃 18克﹐ 山茱萸 12克﹐丹皮 4.5 克﹐ 茯苓 4.5 克﹐ 澤瀉 4.5克﹐山藥12, 制何首烏12克,枸杞子12克,覆盆子15克






1。 口乾咽痛: 玄參 9 桔 梗  9

2。 腰痠背痛:加  牛 膝 12 克, 杜 仲 15 克, 桑寄生12

3。 虛煩口渴:加 黃 耆 9 人 參 2 克

4。 小便频数去掉澤瀉益智 仁 12   覆盆子  10

5。 咳嗽  氣促五味子9 麥 冬10 克。



白 內 障



桃 仁10克,紅 花 6克丹 參10克,赤芍10白芍10克,枸杞子 10克,菊花10克,白蒺藜10克,蟬蛻1.5克,夜明砂 4克,青葙子6克,草決明10克,磁石 2克,神 麴12克,桑椹20克,1克 當 歸 12



白 內 障

方  三

金櫃腎氣丸 (八味地黄丸)

熟地黃 240 克﹐山 藥120 克﹐山茱 萸120 克﹐ 澤瀉 90 克﹐茯 苓90 克﹐丹 皮 90 克﹐桂 枝30 克﹐ 附 子30 克,  澱粉 40克 。

研 成 細 末 , 制 丸 。 每 天 服 三 次 。 每 次 9 克 。




益目散 《吉林中草藥》



組成:沙苑子10克,茺蔚子10克,葙子  10克。






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