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Brown Spots on Skin  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu  按 此 看 中 文

Age spots

Age spots usually occur after the age of 40. 

The causes:

  1. aging

  2. exposure to ultraviolet light like sunlight or like tanning beds or sunlamps

  3. heredity

  4. antibiotics (such as tetracycline)

  5. diuretics

  6. foods containing the chemical psoralens, including such as angelica, carrots, celery, citrus fruits, figs, fennel, mustard greens, buttercups, parsnips,[1] and bu gu zhi herb.

External use:


bai jiang can, bai qian niu, equal amounts, make into fine powder. Mix with honey and apply on affected areas; or use qi bai wan

Internal Formulae


For pixu (spleen deficient)﹐ xinqixu (heart qi deficient), shenyinxu (kidney yin deficient)  condition:


huang qi  (baked) 30 gdang shen  24 gbai zhu (stir fried)15 gzhu fu shen 15gsuan zao ren  12gyuan zhi 15glong yan rou 15gdang gui  15gchan tui 6 ggan cao  6 gda zao 6gshu di huang 15 ggou qi zi 15gnu zhen zi 15ghan lian cao 15g.

Boil with water and make into tea.


For those with Liver stagnation,  spleen deficient


chai hu 9 gsheng di huang 15 gbai zhu 9 gdan shen15 gxiang fu zi 12 gfu ling 12 gbo he 3 gwei jiang15 gchan tui 6 g.

Boil with water. Drink while warm.

[1] Can J Infect Dis. 2002 Mar-Apr; 13(2): 82142.





  1. 老化

  2. 暴露在紫外線光像太陽光或類似曬黑床或太陽燈

  3. 遺傳

  4. 抗生素(如四環素)

  5. 利尿劑

  6. 含有補骨脂素的藥物,包括食物,如當歸,胡蘿蔔,芹菜,柑橘類水果,無花果,茴香,芥,毛茛,歐洲防風草,[1]中藥補骨脂



殭蠶 牽牛花 等分﹐為細末。蜜調搽。 或用七 白丸調塗。


(1) 脾虛心 氣虛腎 陰虛

黃 耆 30克, 黨 參 24克,炒白 朮15克, 朱茯神15克,炒 酸棗 仁 12克 ,炙遠 志15克,龍眼15克 , 當 歸 15克, 蟬 退6克,炙甘 草 6克, 大 棗6克 , 熟地黃15克, 枸杞子15克, 女貞子15克, 旱蓮草15克。水煎服。


(2) 肝鬱脾 虛


 柴 胡 9克, 生地黃15克,白 朮 9克,丹 參15克, 香附子12 克,茯 苓 12克,薄 荷 3克,煨15克, 蟬 蛻 6克,水煎服 。


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