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Chinese Herb Formulae for yeast infections  白帶


Compiled and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Vagina yeast infection herb formula 1    按此看中文


huang bo 15 g, cang zhu 15 g, qian shi 15 g, bai guo 10 g,

fu ling 15 g, long dan cao 12 g, che qian zi 15 g, ji guan hua 15 g, yi yi ren 30 g, jiao zhi zi 10 g, cu chai hu 10 g, huai shan yao 12 g .

Boil herb with water. Use as tea about 20 minutes before meal. Use one prescription a day.

A group of fifteen prescriptions is one treatment.

This formula should be taken before meals to improve digestive enzyme secretion. Avoid sugar, potato, yam, corn, sweet fruit juice and anything with added sugar or high in natural sugar.

Formula for washing infected area:

she chuang zi 15 g, ku shen 15 g, bai bu 15 g,  yang ti 15 g,

cang zhu 15 g, chuan jiao 10 g, ai ye 10 g, bing pian 1 g

(Put in after all other herbs have been boiled for 15 to 20 minutes.)

add da qing yan ( or crude salt) one handful.

Editor's note: yang ti is not yang ti cao. It is also called "tu da huang"

but it is not da huang and do not substitute with da huang for external use.

If scratch wounds appear, add ku fan 10 g and huang bo 15 g

for use as external bath.

Source of formulae: Meng Zao Hua, Chang Jia Ko Hospital of Chang Jia Ko Medical School, He Bei, China.

Effectiveness: Total patients:68; healed: 36; highly effective:20;

got better 9; total effectiveness 95.7%.

The external herb for soaking and washing should be used. Yeast infection can also be transmitted back and forth from sexual partners. So the both female and male should be treated with the formula.

Chinese herb formulae are adjusted to conform to individual body conditions. These formulae are listed for your reference only.


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黃柏 15 克, 蒼朮 15 克, 芡實 15 克, 白果 10 克 打,

茯神 15 克, 龍膽草 12 克, 車前子 15 克, 雞 冠 花   15 克,

薏米 30 克,  焦梔子10 克,  醋柴胡 10 克, 淮山藥 12 克 .




蛇床子 15 , 苦参 15 , 百部 15 ,  羊蹄 15 ,

蒼朮   15 , 川椒 10 , 艾葉 10 ,

冰片1g, (後溶),大青鹽 一把。

如撩破流水者,加枯 礬 10克 ,黄柏15克 。煎水熏洗。




羊蹄雖名土大黃﹐但是非大黃。內用與大 黃相似。外用不能用大 黃代替。

炒梔子;與焦梔子功用相似,炒梔子比焦梔子 苦寒之性略強,一般熱較甚者可用炒梔子,脾胃較虛弱者可用焦梔子。二者均有清熱除煩的功用。常用於熱郁心煩,肝熱目赤。如用治熱病心煩,胬肉攀睛,羞澀難開。


台中張玉梅使用 歸脾湯  丹梔逍遙散 龍膽瀉肝丸、八味帶下方、 當歸芍藥散加減內服,再用苦參蛇床子龍膽草土伏苓地膚子  黃芩川椒 煎湯坐浴,協助患者。



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gui pi tang, dan zhi xiao yao san,  long dan xie gan wan, dang gui shao yao san

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