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About Chinese Pronunciation of Herbs in This Website


 by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   


The Pinyin pronunciation is based on the official Chinese pronunciation of pu tong hua (general language or Mandarin). You can use some of the online sites for listening to the tones and pronunciations:

Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (CTCFL)University of Oxford

This is another site which is also easy to use.

The Cantonese pronunciation of herbs on this site were initially written with pronunciation

guide of Merriam-Webster dictionary which actually is not designed for Cantonese

pronunciation. The later writing will be based on  and before that on  S. L. Wong's "A Chinese Syllabary Pronounced according to the Dialect of Canton" which also includes audio guide. We will gradually change the previous Cantonese pronunciations from those using Merriam_Webster pronunciation guide into those by or  those by  S. L. Wong's "A Chinese Syllabary Pronounced according to the Dialect of Canton"


Learn to pronounce the six tones of Cantonese here.


Note: The word mandarin is the English corrupted pronunciation of man da ren (滿大人)﹐which literally means Manchu Big Man (big shot, an important person ). The spoken language used by the officials of Qing dynasty of China was the spoken language by the educated residents of Beijing based on the dialect of Beijing. Today it is called pu tong hua (general spoken language).  Today, mandarin refers to the general spoken language of China, not an ethnic group.

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