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List of Health Problems (in English and Chinese 中英文)


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


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High blood pressure高血壓
  1. Acute fibrositis         急性頸椎關節周圍炎 (落枕)

  2. Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia,      急性前骨髓細胞性白血病 (英文版)

  3. Alopecia areata  班禿

  4. Aplastic anemia 再生障礙性貧血

  5. ALT and AST Elevated,  穀丙轉氨酶與穀草轉氨酶增高,

  6. Alzheimer's Disease

  7. Amenorrhea 無月經

  8. Anti-aging,

  9. Appendicitis 盲腸炎

  10. Asthma,       哮喘,

  11. Asthma-Geriatric, 老人哮喘

  12. Biliary Cirrhosis, Primary, 原發性膽管性肝硬化

  13. Bleeding, heavy in menses 月經過多

  14. Blepharitis 眼瞼炎

  15. Blood Clots (thrombosis) 血管塞住

  16. Bloodshot eye    紅眼

  17. Boils and Carbuncles 癰瘡癤腫

  18. Bone Spurs    骨刺增生

  19. Brachial Plexus Palsy  臂 神經叢麻痺

  20. Breasts Droopy   乳房下垂

  21. Brown Spot from Aging       老年黄褐斑

  22. Calculus in Gall Bladder 膽囊結石

  23. Cancer 癌症,

  24. Cataract 白内障,

  25. Central Progressive Retina Atrophy中 心性漿液性脈絡膜視網膜病變

  26. Chronic Diarrhea in the Morning  慢性早晨腹瀉,

  27. Chronic Fatigue syndrome  慢 性疲勞 综合症

  28. Chronic middle Ear Infection 慢性中耳感染發炎,

  29. Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia 慢性粒細胞性白血病,

  30. Colitis-diarrhea 結腸炎

  31. Cirrhosis 肝硬化,

  32. Coma/vegetative State 昏迷/植物人,

  33. Common Cold 傷風 感冒,

  34. Conjunctivitis,

  35. Constipation with syndrome of rč jī (heat retention) 便秘

  36. Cornea infection, 病 毒性眼 睛結膜炎

  37. Dengue Fever  登革熱,

  38. Diabetes,

  39. Diarrhea acute bacterial infection,

  40. Diarrhea-chronic  慢性腹瀉

  41. Eczema -chronic or urticaria 慢性濕疹、蕁麻疹

  42. Eczema with blood heat 血熱型濕疹

  43. Eczema of Children 小兒濕疹

  44. Ejaculation difficulty 性交不射精

  45. Eye Viral Infection 病毒性眼睛結膜炎

  46. Facial nerve palsy 臉部神經麻痺

  47.  Feet bottom get hot 腳底發熱

  48.  Fish bone stuck in throat 魚骨卡喉

  49.  Frontal lobe of hypophysis (pituitary) function decrease after child birth  産後腦下垂體前頁功能减退

  50. Gall bladder stones   膽囊結石

  51. Genital wart (condyloma acuminata) with infection  尖銳 濕熱疣

  52. Hair falling due Over Active Fatty Glands 皮脂性脱髮

  53. Headaches

  54. Heat sores or herpes simple I of little children 熱瘡

  55. Hemorrhoid,_acupuncture 痔瘡針灸治療法,  

  56. Heart and Blood Vessels,

  57. Hepatitis B 乙型肝炎,

  58. Hernia, swollen testes疝氣﹐睾 丸腫 大

  59. Herpes Simplex II (genital herpes) 生殖器皰 疹

  60. Hordeolum 麥粒腫

  61. Hiccups 打嗝

  62. Human Herpes virus type 6 (HHV-6)人 類皰疹病毒6型

  63. Hypertension 血壓高

  64. Hyperthyroidism 甲狀腺功能亢進

  65. hypokalemic periodic paralysis

  66. Hypomenorrhea  經血短少,

  67. Hypotension,

  68. Hypothyroidism  甲狀腺功能低下,

  69. Impotence   陽痿,

  70. Impotence due to Sclerosis,

  71. Incontinence 尿失禁

  72. Infertility due to Low or Weak Ova (to be loaded, if you need it in a hurry contact Research Librarian),

  73. Infertility due to Weak or Low Sperm Count (to be loaded, if you need it in a hurry contact Research Librarian),

  74. Insomnia due to liver qi stagnation 肝氣鬱結而失眠

  75. Insomnia-persistent 頑 固性失眠

  76. Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy 懷孕期缺鐵性貧血

  77. Insomnia 失眠

  78. Interstitial Cystitis 間質性膀胱炎

  79. Itchiness 皮膚 發癢

  80. Kidney function, chronically low 慢性腎功能不全

  81. Chronic Lead Poisoning  慢性鉛中毒

  82. Lupus-systemic 系統性紅斑 狼瘡

  83. Mastitis, acute, early stage 初期急性乳房炎

  84. Mercury Poisoning (link to be loaded)

  85. Migraine

  86. Milk of new mother, lack of 産後無乳

  87. Miscarriage, habitual

  88. Nail Fungal Infection

  89. Nose Bleed 流 鼻血,

  90. Obesity,

  91. Oesteomyelitis  骨疽

  92. Penis Overly Short 陰莖過短

  93. Peptic ulcers   胃,十二指腸潰瘍

  94. Periodontitis or pyorrhea and Gingivitis ,

  95. Pink eye 病毒性結膜炎

  96. Postpartum Arthritis 産後關節炎

  97. Postural Hypotension

  98. Pregnancy nausea

  99. Premature ejaculation,

  100. Premature Ovarian Aging 卵巢早 衰

  101. Premenstrual mood disorder

  102. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

  103. Prostate Cancer 前列腺癌

  104. Prostate Enlargement and urination difficulty 前列腺腫大,排尿困難。

  105. Prostate Inflammation 前列腺發炎

  106. Proteinuria 蛋白尿

  107. Psoriasis 銀痟病

  108. Rosacea  酒渣鼻

  109. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome )

  110. Scleredema neonatorum (SN),

  111. Cirrhosis of liver, a folk therapy (research report)

  112. Restless leg syndrome 不安腿

  113. Seizures,

  114. Sense of smell disappeared after cold or flu   傷風後嗅消 失

  115. Sexual Dysfunction,

  116. Shingles    帶狀皰疹

  117. Sinus infection--chronic   慢性鼻竇炎

  118. Smoking (tobacco ),

  119. Snoring, elderly  老年打鼾

  120. Sperm count and sperm activity - low  精子數量少,活動力低下

  121. Strokes

  122. Strokes sequela with swollen limbs

  123. Stye (hordeolum) 麥粒腫外治法

  124. Swine flu preventing herb formula

  125. temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome, massage therapy推拿治療顳頜關節功能紊亂症

  126. Tension headaches

  127. TIA,

  128. Threaten Abortion 先兆流產

  129. Thrombocytosis (excess platelets ) 血小板過多

  130. Thrombosis (blood clots)

  131. Thrust (oral infection of Candida) 口部念珠球菌感染

  132. Thyroid Overactive   甲狀腺機能亢進

  133. tinnitus  耳鳴

  134. Tonsil Stones 扁桃腺結石

  135. Torticollis  落枕

  136. Torticollis of babies 小兒斜頸

  137. Traumatic brain injuries 創傷性腦損傷

  138. Ulcerated chronic colitis     潰瘍性慢性結腸炎

  139. Urinary Tract Infection  尿道感染,

  140. Urticaria of Babies 小兒風疹

  141. Uterus Prolapse  子宮下垂,

  142.  Vagina Bacterial Infection 陰道细菌感染

  143.  Varicocele of Spermatic Vein 精索靜脈曲張

  144.  Vertigo 眩暈

  145.  Vestibular Neuronitis: vertigo After Influenza  感冒痊癒後眩晕

  146. Warts, flat warts 扁平疣

  147. White Cell Count is low - caused by chemotherapy 化療影响白血球数量低下

  148. White Hair, (premature)  少年白髮

  149. White Hair and balding 白髮,禿髮

  150. Yeast Infection    念珠球菌感染,白帶

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